About Good Buy Kits

Good Buy Kits is a registered company in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We dedicated to bringing our North American customers the best value products and services. Our name "Good Buy Kits" means that we wish to assist you to buy the best possible products with an inexpensive price.


Inexpensive Products

In order to achieve this goal, we managed to buy the best value products directly from manufactures all around the world. These products were imported to Canada, and listed on-line for customers to purchase. We work very hard to keep the costs low. We purchased and shipped in large quantity; We looked for warehouses at the lowest possible rate; We even worked with manufacturers to optimize product package sizes for the lowest possible shipping rates! We tried all legal methods to keep our costs low. As a result, products we are selling are always inexpensive and competitive.


Good Quality Products

We regularly review products we are selling, and we listen to all customers' feedback to assure the high quality of our products. We told the manufacturers what customers said. We believe that inexpensive products can have good quality, but someone have to do the work. This is why Good Buy Kits was established.


Fast Shippments

We did lots of research to keep our system running smoothly. We invested on new systems to increase the efficiency of our workflow. More than 95% of our orders can be shipped within 2 business days. Most customers in Canada can therefore receive their items in 3 to 10 days.


We just started. We will keep working hard for even lower prices, even better quality products, and even faster delivery.

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